Presenting your complex model in a way people can understand.

correct_cancel_rate_boost = 9048/29848
incorrect_cancel_rate_boost = 1505/29848
correct_cancel_rate_rfc = 3803/29848
incorrect_cancel_rate_rfc = 3/29848
rez_in_year = len(df[df.arrival_date_year == 2017])
rez_per_day = rez_in_year/ 365
revenue_per_day = df.adr.mean() * rez_per_day
rez_increase_boost = rez_per_day*correct_cancel_rate_boost
rev_increase_boost = rez_increase_boost * df.adr.mean()
booking_errors_boost = rez_per_day * incorrect_cancel_rate_boost
rez_increase_day_rfc = rez_per_day*correct_cancel_rate_rfc
rev_increase_rfc = rez_increase_day_rfc * df.adr.mean()
booking_errors_rfc = rez_per_day * incorrect_cancel_rate_rfc




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Aidan Coco

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