Data Cleaning for Image Classification

Block = DataBlock(blocks=(ImageBlock, CategoryBlock),      
item_tfms= Pick your transformation here)
Block =, ResizeMethod.Squish))


Here you see how this may systematically restrict information, in every photo, the muzzle of the gun is cut off
item_tfms= resize(x)


Item_tfms = resize(x, ResizeMethod.squish)


The black bars are added to standardize the image size
item_tfms=Resize(128, ResizeMethod.Pad, pad_mode=’zeros’

Random Resized Crop

One image cropped four different ways as an example
tem_tfms=RandomResizedCrop(128, min_scale=0.3)

Data Augmentation

S**t in S**t out




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Aidan Coco

Aidan Coco

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