Daily Fantasy and Data Science: a Match Made in Degenerate Heaven

This is what lighting my money on fire looks like
df = pd.read_csv("FanDuel-NFL-2020-11-01-51232-players-list.csv")
df = df[df.columns[0:10]]
df_playable = df[(df.fppg > 1)&(df.played > 5)&(df.played < 8)]   
df_RB = df_playable[df_playable.position == 'RB']
df_WR = df_playable[df_playable.position == 'WR']
df_QB = df_playable[df_playable.position == 'QB']
df_TE = df_playable[df_playable.position == 'TE']
df_FLEX = df_playable[(df_playable.position == 'RB')|(df_playable.position == 'TE')|(df_playable.position == 'TE')]
df_D = df_playable[df_playable.position == 'D']
lineup = []
for x in range(1,10000):
RB = df_RB.sample(2)
WR = df_WR.sample(3)
FLEX = df_FLEX.sample(1)
QB = df_QB.sample(1)
DEF = df_D.sample(1)
TE = df_TE.sample(1)
df1 = RB.append(WR).append(FLEX).append(QB).append(DEF).append(TE)
for x in lineup:
x['salary_total'] = x.salary.sum()
feasible_lineups = []
for x in lineup:
if 60000 > x.salary_total.mean() > 50000:
def totalp(x):
return x.fppg.sum()
feasible_lineups.sort(key = totalp, reverse = False)
  • QB: Russel Wilson, 28 pts
  • RB: Rex Burkhead, 3 pts
  • RB: Alvin Kamara: 20.8 pts
  • WR: JuJu: 13pts
  • WR: Zach Pascal: 7 pts
  • WR: Tyler Locket: 7pts
  • FLEX: Jimmy Graham: 3pts
  • TE: Travis Kelce: 27pts
  • D: LA Chargers: 2pts




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